Made with the exclusive native variety of peppers

"Tap de Corti".


It gives a special touch to all kinds of dishes.


A paprika with a unique color and flavor that is an essential part of the sobrasada de Mallorca, as it not only provides the characteristic red color, but also gives it its unique flavor and great antioxidant power.


The pebre bord dolç (sweet paprika) results from the grinding of the "capsicum annuum de Tap de Cortí".

Once collected and selected, they should be washed, split and dried at about 50ºC.

After drying, the tail is removed and milled.


In 2016 the Tap de Cortí paprika was awarded with two prize stars

"Superior Taste Award", awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) of Brussels, which rewards foods and beverages that stand out for their

excellent flavor and quality.

Sweet paprika typical of Mallorca